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The 10th Annual Mt. Diablo Silverado

Pinewood Derby Championship

Blackhawk Auto Museum in Danville

April 25, 2009


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Design Winners   (Click on each Car to see large picture)







Judge's Choice


Paul Edmiston


Michael Chunat


Connor French

Dylan Elissiry


Adam Hillaire



Grant Mills



Mitch Brooks


Robert Finkel


Nate Scharz


John Mooyman


Justin Rueb


Alexander Herman



Kevin Tulholski


Bryson Lothamer


Cole Wolfe


Cater Stevenson


Sammy Hitomi


Cole Barkelew



 Blackhawk Trophy

Mitch Brooks - Wolf



 Race Winners


The following Heats were run on the 4 lane Wood Track

  • Bear Rank

  • Open Rank

The following Heats were run on the 3 lane Metal Track

  • Wolf Rank

  • Tiger Rank

  • Webelos Rank

  • Grand Finals

Note that race time results will be different on track types due to slope shape and length of the tracks.


Grand Finals Rank Standings.pdf

Grand Finals Heat Results.pdf

Grand Finals Individual Car Statistics.pdf


Tiger Rank Standings.pdf

Tiger Heat Results.pdf

Tiger Individual Car Statistics.pdf


Wolf Rank Standings.pdf

Wolf Heat Results.pdf

Wolf Individual Car Statistics.pdf


Bear Rank Standings.pdf

Bear Heat Results.pdf

Bear Individual Car Statistics.pdf


Webelos Rank Standings.pdf

Webelos Heat Results.pdf

Webelos Individual Car Statistics.pdf


Open Rank Standings.pdf

Open Heat Results.pdf

Open Individual Car Statistics.pdf


Metal Track Lane Statistics.pdf

Metal Track Overall Race Statistics.pdf

Wood Track Lane Statistics.pdf

Wood Track Overall Race Statistics.pdf


Roster (late entries on day of event is shown in the results PDF files)

Last Name First Name Rank Category Car Number
Alatini Dwayne Wolf Speed 132
Alatini Thomas Tiger Speed 136
Allen Jake Bear Speed 157
Amos Chris Tiger Speed 122
Ashburn Tyler Webelos Speed 173
Baldwin Connor Bear Speed 141
Barlow Austin Wolf Speed 114
Barlow Nicholas Open Speed 503
Bebarta Nolan Webelos Speed 115
Beck Alexander Wolf Speed 116
Boles Alex Bear Speed 126
Boom Emily Open Speed 500
Boom Robert Bear Speed 100
Boylan Patrick Open Speed 504
Boylan Sean Webelos Speed 138
Buckland Ben Wolf Speed 154
Buckly Ethan Tiger Speed 156
Chamberlin Bradley Webelos Speed 103
Chamberlin Lance Open Speed 501
Christie Erik Webelos Speed 108
Clark Mason Wolf Speed 112
Cofer Race Tiger Speed 107
Colello Alex Webelos Speed 142
Cooper Jack Bear Speed 111
Correia Michael Webelos Speed 120
Dixon Taylor Wolf Speed 105
Estrella Harley Tiger Speed 110
French Collin Bear Speed 180
Friedl Derek Webelos Speed 144
Grauss Brock Tiger Speed 161
Hammitt Mac Bear Speed 160
Hartman Sean Bear Speed 104
Hoffman Ryan Bear Speed 106
Hoffman Trevor Open Speed 502
Horn Trevor Bear Speed 139
Hueckel Jeffery Webelos Speed 159
Jatoft Jarod Tiger Speed 168
Kaneda Matthew Webelos Speed 135
Keeler Matthew Tiger Speed 149
Laubach Jachob Bear Speed 182
Laubsted Matthew Bear Speed 125
Laybach Joshua Webelos Speed 181
Lefkowitz Matthew Tiger Speed 164
Lessman Cameron Tiger Speed 150
Lessman Jake Wolf Speed 151
Liberatore Lucas Webelos Speed 124
Llata Bonnie Open Speed 506
Llata Chris Open Speed 507
Llata David Wolf Speed 162
Luis Ryan Webelos Speed 102
Luke Velasquez Christian Bear Speed 147
Maake David Wolf Speed 166
Mackay Keon Bear Speed 109
Magdaleno Sam Bear Speed 121
Margiotta Tony Bear Speed 145
Martin Nick Webelos Speed 153
Mendonsa Langston Webelos Speed 113
Meneweather III Earl Webelos Speed 158
Miller Davis Wolf Speed 167
Miller Ryan Webelos Speed 117
Mustar Zack Tiger Speed 118
Nesbit Sean Webelos Speed 130
Oldenbourg Nick Bear Speed 174
Peters Nathaniel Wolf Speed 101
Pickle Bill Open Speed 505
Robbins Daniel Webelos Speed 119
Rossi Graham Tiger Speed 169
Rossi Jack Tiger Speed 170
Saluni Semisi Wolf Speed 163
Schlagel Christian Webelos Speed 146
Scholvin William Webelos Speed 140
Schultz Connor Bear Speed 143
Schurr JD Webelos Speed 155
Simi Jason Tiger Speed 134
Simi Ryan Bear Speed 133
Siu Evan Wolf Speed 128
Tirapelli Matthew Webelos Speed 137
Tomasi Afu Wolf Speed 127
Tuayao David Wolf Speed 152
Tuholski Brendan Tiger Speed 129
Walton Alex Bear Speed 148
Warnock Connor Bear Speed 165
Wieman James Wolf Speed 123
Zingg Jake Bear Speed 171
Zingg Nathan Tiger Speed 172
Last Name First Name Rank Category Car Number
Anderson Iain Bear Design 306
Barkelew Cole Webelos Design 307
Brooks Mitch Wolf Design 316
Chunat Michael Bear Design 300
Edmiston Paul Webelos Design 302
Elerding Daniel Webelos Design 321
Elissiry Dylan Tiger Design 320
Finkel Robert Tiger Design 322
French Connor   Design 376
Herman Alexander Bear Design 319
Hillaire Adam Webelos Design 313
Hitomi Sammy Bear Design 308
Jung Mathew Bear Design 314
Lothamer Bryson Wolf Design 318
McKimmy Andrew Bear Design 301
Mooyman John Webelos Design 311
Pickle Kyle Tiger Design 315
Remmert Sean Webelos Design 304
Rueb Justin Bear Design 303
Scharz Nate Tiger Design 317
Stevenson Cater Bear Design 310
Sweeney Kevin Wolf Design 305
Tebb Zachy   Design 375
Tulholski Kevin Webelos Design 309
Wolfe Cole Webelos Design 312



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