The 12th Annual Mt. Diablo Silverado

Pinewood Derby Championship

Blackhawk Auto Museum in Danville

May 21, 2011

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Design Roster

First Name Last Name Type Number Unit Rank
Owen Becker Design/Show 303 Pack 815 Webelos
Ethan Buckley Design/Show  304 Pack 464 Bear
Dylan Elissiry Design/Show 308 Pack 815 Bear
Sammy Hitomi Design/Show  300 Pack 53 Webelos
Dominic Monaldo Design/Show  301 Pack 210 Webelos
Benjamin Ramirez Design/Show  305 Pack 405 Webelos
Justin Rueb Design/Show 306 Pack 800 Webelos
Nathan Valdez Design/Show 307 Pack 815 Tiger
Jack Wilkerson Design/Show  302 Pack 815 Webelos
Robert Boon Design/Show 313 Pack 42 Webelos
Emily Boon Design/Show 314   Open
Scott Olvera Design/Show 315   Open


 Design Winners   (Click on each Car to see large picture)





Judge's Choice


314 Emily Boon


307 Nathan Valdez

Pack 815 Tiger

304 Ethan Buckley

Pack 464 Bear

315 Scott Olvera



301 Dominic Monaldo

Pack 210 Webelos

308 Dylan Elissiry

Pack 815 Bear

300 Sammy Hitomi

Pack 53 Webelos

313 Robert Boon

Pack 42 Webelos


302 Jack Wilkerson

Pack 815 Webelos

305 Denjamin Ramirez

Pack 405 Webelos

315 Scott Olvera


306 Justin Rueb

Pack 800 Webelos


 Blackhawk Trophy  


303 Owen Becker Pack 815 Webelos

 Spirit of Scouting Troph


145 Josey Verespey Pack 882 Webelos



 Race Results 

Grand Finals Standings


2011/Roster Open.pdf

2011/RankStandings Open.pdf


2011/Roster Tiger.pdf

2011/RankStandings Tiger.pdf


2011/Roster Wolf.pdf

2011/RankStandings Wolf.pdf


2011/Roster Bear.pdf

2011/RankStandings Bear.pdf


2011/Roster Webelos.pdf

2011/RankStandings Webelos.pdf


2011/GroupStats.pdf  Statistics of each car grouped by rank

2011/HeatResults all.pdf  Result of each Heat grouped by rank




Mandatory technical Inspection and Impound will be at the
MDSC Council Office (800 Ellinwood Way, Pleasant Hill, CA).

Dates and times are:
Tuesday May 17, 2011 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Wednesday May 18, 2011 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Thursday May 19, 2011 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Click here for online registration


All Cubs from within the Council are invited to participate.

Click here to download the Rules  Click here for the Rules Summary


Open Class for Boy Scouts and Adults

Rules are similar to Cub Scouts but the weight can be up to 8 oz.

Directions to Blackhawk Museum

There will be racing, a design competition & great food. During the event the whole family can tour the Blackhawk Museum's magnificent auto collection and the fabulous exhibits. There will be tons of neat stuff to see and do! Wear your Scout uniform and get in free.

Approximate race times on event day are:

     Opening Ceremony 9:00 AM

     9:30 to 10:30 Tigers and Wolves

     11:00 to 12:00 Bears and Webelos

     12:30 to 1:00 Grand Finals



  • Are the new colored wheels legal for the Blackhawk 500? They are not found directly in “the kit” but they are sold separately in the scouting stores. They seem to be exactly the same as the black wheels except for the color.
    Answer: New colored wheels sold at BSA Scouting Stores is OK to use.

  • Can my son and I take some of the weights off his winning car from last year (Tiger Cub division) and use them on a new car? Or must every item on the new car be brand new. We are thinking of unscrewing three tungsten plates to reuse/recycle them on a new car. The body, wheels, axles, etc. will be all new for this year.
    Answer: In the interest of conservation (reduce, reuse, and recycle), it should be OK as weights are not moving parts, however if the weight is part of the decorations or a major part of the aerodynamics, then it should not be used.

  • It seems to me that prior rules specified that no spaces be used between the wheels and the car body. Is that correct? I did not see it in this years rules.
    Answer: Rule 2.7 = Hubcaps, washers, inserts, sleeves, and bearings may NOT be used in conjunction with the wheels and/or axles.  Space is OK.

  • The rules state that new axle holes may be drilled and that the axle to axle distance remain the same. Is there a specification an to where the axle holes must be in relation to the end of the car? I.e., can one retain the same "wheel base", but move the base towards the rear of the car?
    Answer: You can move the rear axel as far back as you want, however the length of the car (which includes the body and wheels) still needs to be within 7 inches in length.

  • My son finished his last pack race a couple of weeks ago and will bridge over to Boy Scouts before the Blackhawk 500 on April 25th. One of our pack leaders suggested my son give the Blackhawk 500 a shot but I checked the rules and am not sure he is eligible to compete. Could you please clarify this?
    Answer: Your son can participate in the Blackhawk500 event. He would enter as a Webelos II. He can also participate as a boy scout in our open class as well.

  • Is the BH 500 open to any cub that wants to pay the registration or only the winners from our Pack?
    Answer: All Cubs from within the Council are invited to participate.

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