Mt. Diablo Silverado

Pinewood Derby Championship

Blackhawk Auto Museum in Danville

Date is April 16th 2016

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Design Winners




Jalen Nakai

Pack 996


Jayden Azzopardi

Pack 814


Asher Moe

Pack 689







Judge's Choice

Darren Ryer

Pack 53


Roman Ameci

Pack 459


Sidharth Anand

Pack 996





Blackhawk Trophy

Spirt of Scouting


Alex Fearon

Pack 100


Cale Anderson

Pack 351




Race Results

Place Time Avg Speed Racer Name Car # Pack Unit
1 12.4430 198.6 Inocencio, Ben 107  Pack 53
2 12.5190 197.4 Buck, Aidan 127 Pack 882
2 12.5190 197.4 Van Duker, Jacob 100 Pack 440
























First_Name Last_Name Unit Rank Type Number
Lucas Yasar 21 Wolf Speed Class  116
Sam Canny 30 Wolf Speed Class  125
Daniel Gross 36 Webelos Speed Class  114
Walter Mahnken 36 Webelos Speed Class  104
Jonathan Mahnken 36 Webelos Speed Class  105
Gian Ciapponi 53 Webelos Speed Class  131
Tyler Inocencio 53 Webelos Speed Class  106
Ben Inocencio 53 Webelos Speed Class  107
Noah Nicosia 53 Wolf Speed Class  128
Darren Ryer 53 Wolf Speed Class  101
Adam Sainio 53 Webelos Speed Class  129
Alex Fearon 100 Webelos Design Class  400
Rianna Fearon 100 open Open Class 500
Adeeb Khan 212 Wolf Speed Class  300
Declan Anderson 351 Bear Speed Class 118
Cale Anderson 351 Webelos Speed Class 117
Zach Lang 380 Webelos Speed Class  111
Antonio Estacio 401 Wolf Speed Class  110
Jacob Van Duker 440 Webelos Speed Class  100
Roman Ameci 459 Tiger Speed Class 112
Justin Baker 536 Webelos Speed Class 301
Asher Moe 689 Wolf Speed Class  119
Owen Onstott 693 Tiger Speed Class  121
Kian Entezari 802 Webelos Speed Class  108
Alex Amadeo-Ranch 805 Webelos Speed Class 102
Caleb Horgan 813 Tiger Speed Class  115
Cian Horgan 813 Bear Speed Class  130
Jayden Azzopardi 814 Webelos Speed Class 120
Dylan Williamson 815 Tiger Speed Class  103
Aadhityaa Thiruvengadam 842 Tiger Speed Class  122
Oskar Wells 864 Bear Speed Class  109
Aidan Buck 882 Webelos Speed Class  127
Hudson Frew 882 Bear Speed Class  126
Elle Frew 882 open Open Class 501
Rohit Anand 996 Tiger Speed Class 123
Sidharth Anand 996 Webelos Design Class 124
Jalen Nakai 996 Tiger Speed Class  113


Attention all Cub Scouts! Come join us for fun and competition with your Pinewood Derby Cars at the Blackhawk Automobile Museum in Danville on Saturday, April 16, 2016. The Blackhawk 500 event will include a racing division for Cub Scouts and an open class division for everyone else. All Cub Scouts are also eligible for the design competition – competing for the Blackhawk Cup and the Spirit of Scouting Award. During or after the event the whole family can tour the Blackhawk Museum’s (www.blackhawkmuseum.org) magnificent auto collection and the new “Spirit of the Old West” (thespiritoftheoldwest.org) exhibit. And remember, the Blackhawk 500 event is open to ALL CUB SCOUTS, so be sure to sign up today. You will not want to miss this exciting council-wide event at this great museum


2016 Blackhawk 500 flyer v.3.pdf



Directions to Blackhawk Museum

3700 Blackhawk Plaza Circle

Danville, CA  94506


Cub Scout Categories:

  • Speed (note: cars will also be judged for Design)

  • Design only (no racing)

Parents, families, and Chartered Organization Representatives can enter into the following categories:

  • Open Class (open to all – parents, siblings, others)

  • Chartered Organization Representative Class

Approximate race times:

  • 10:00 Doors open, check in
  • 10:30 Opening Ceremony
  • 11:00-11:30 Tigers and Wolves
  • 11:30-12:00 Bears and Webelos
  • 12:00-12:30 Open class and Chartered Organization Races
  • 12:30-1:00 Grand Finals
  • 1:00-1:30 Awards Ceremony

Pre-Race Weigh In

Mandatory technical Inspection and Impound will be at the
MDSC Council Office (800 Ellinwood Way, Pleasant Hill, CA  94523)

Dates and times are:

Tuesday 4/12/2016 6pm-8pm
Wednesday 4/13/2016 6pm-8pm
Thursday 4/14/2016 6pm-8pm

If you have any questions, or would like to join our committee and help make Blackhawk 500 a success, please contact Rand Mahoney 925-899-3840 rand.mahoney@scouting.org

Click here to download the Rules  Click here for the Rules Summary


Open Class for Boy Scouts and Adults

Rules are similar to Cub Scouts but the weight can be up to 8 oz.


For more information contact

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